Hangar Log

In 2006 or so, I bought an ultralight.  It hadn’t flown in about ten years.  I patiently went over it and found that the engine worked and that the rest of it only needed minor maintenance.

The view from inside our hangar

My brother had bought a private single engine plane a year or two earlier.  So we found a way to stuff the ultralight, or as he affectionately called it, “Rags”, in with his “new” used airplane.  That’s it sitting outside the hangar, just before I was to preflight it.  A balloon just happened to land on the other side of the opposing “T”hangar.  I thought it was a good picture, so I took it.

As I began flying Rags, I found it fun to write about my flight so I could recall what the flight had been like.  I kept it like  journal.  I would come back, put Rags back in its place overlapping my brother’s plane, pull out one of the camp chairs we had laying around and then begin writing about what I had just done.  Often, it took more time to write than to actually fly the flight I was writing about!

I called this “journal” my “Hangar Log”.

The following is transcribed from http://tjedonline.ning.com/profile/TerryMoore which web site no longer exists. The original series was written back in 2009. I have been unable to find a digital copy of the Hangar Log anywhere. On 5 Feb 14 Daniel, one of my sons, gave me a paper copy I had given him about five years ago. He still had it! So now I’m trying to recover it back into digital form.

Once I get the stuff recovered from the original posts from TJed, I’ll start transcribing the log.  There’s really no fancy story here that will hold anyone’s particular attention.  It’s just me, writing about one of the things I love to do.

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