7 Sep 22 – Everything will look a little brighter in the light of day: Sunshine is coming!

Juan O’ Savin: Major Intel and Updates With David Nino Rodriguez (Video) 

Ally’s Army video – ALLY: ALL OF US

New Derek Johnson: Evidence! This Is All Meant to Help Awaken Everyone 


Dark Outpost Seized Documents Contain Evidence Former Presidents Tortured And Ate Children!

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31 Aug 22 – Fighting for Us All

IRS Cracks Down on Westchester Man Who Owes Half Million in Back Taxes, Fees

Trump DEMANDS 2020 Election Do Over OR To be Instated As President After ‘FBI Election Interference”

He just died At 32 years old, I never lnew who he was Until I stumbled across his obituary this morning. listen to his song . a true cowboy and singer from the past an old soul who has left this world too soon.
I wonder if he was vaccinated?

What are the chances that Zuckerberg just came out yesterday and confessed about the FBI

POTUS45 discusses the Presidential Records Act

Ode to the Resistance

Dr. Martin: How to turn a pathogen to profit

NLA: Microsoft Word – Notice and Demond for Oath and Bond (nationallibertyalliance.org)

NLA: Land Patent PDF (What you need to know about Land Patents, 180pg PDF)

EO 13526 – signed by President Obama on 29 Dec 2010 – note Section 1.7

Vera Sharav “Unless All of Us Resist, Never Again is Now” – Full Speech (video+transcript) – Nuremberg, August 20, 2022

The Nuremberg Code

Ollie’s Corner: (Some Comments Ollie made this week)

“[Trump] is giving congress ONE more chance to do the right thing. The constitution is founded upon common law I think the real solution is declare him winner and instate him. The important thing is for the people to stand and voice their opinion.”

“WE are in a corner encumbered and enslaved by man-made laws. WE have to break those bonds and apply the natural and spiritual laws this nation was founded upon It is simple as that, however it is going to take a swift spiritual re-connection with the earth.”

“Separation of church and state does not mean that the church cannot in get involved in politics, it means that the government cannot pass laws regarding any kind of worship or get involved in church affairs.”

24 Aug 22 – September: Red October Setup?

Helping Freedom Win: Kerry Cassidy Gives Good Intel about Juan O’Savin

Prepping – And You Thought Your Voice Mattered…

Situation Update: Restored Republic News Update! Nuclear War Incoming? Chernobyl-Like Event Happening! Seized FBI Docs Have Evidence Former Presidents Tortured & Ate Children! Worldwide Protests Against Globalism! – We The People News

Trump the traitor from The Dogmatic Rantings of a Sarcastic Conspiracy Realist

Judy Byington: Restored Republic via a GCR as of August 24, 2022

Preferred pronouns and gender fluidity discussion banned at Texas school district

From the Twitterverse, Nikola3- Does your food melt?