22 Nov 2 – Take Back Your Local Community -YOUR Committee of Safety

DeSantis Tries to Turn Military Against Trump

Michael Yon sounds alarm over BASF shuttering operations, causing catastrophic supply chain collapse

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Congress From Getting Trump’s Tax Returns

Richard Citizen Journalist: Videos from a friend in Brazil

Full Scale Invasion of Ukraine Imminent | US DOD Traitors Assisting in Rogue “Dirty Nuke”

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26 Oct 22 – QFS Goes Live: Returns Control to We the People

Situation Update: World War III Incoming! Nuke Scare Event Closer!

Charlie Ward: Quantum Financial System Goes Live!! US Gold Backed Currency Update!!

Scott Mckay: It’S Time To Get In The Fight!@!!!

19 Oct 22 – Less Than Three Weeks

Doctor Sheri Tenpenny | Why Is Hydrogel, Spike Proteins, Graphene Oxide and Lipid Nano-Technology Inside the COVID-19 Vaccines?

The Election Fraud Rabbit Hole Just Got Deeper!

Uncensored Truth News Network – An Exclusive Production! Derek Johnson DECODES IT ALL!

Reawakening America Tour

Derek Johnson Decodes it all – shorter version

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