23 May 10 – ByeDen’s Day Off

Scott McKay: The Situation Update Everyone Needs to Hear!!

New SGAnon File 50: Trump Conspiracy Charges Coming – CIC Trump Comms and US COG – Russian Spec_Ops – WW Ops Entering Next Phase – Sky Fall

Navy Seal Michael Jaco – CIA, MI6, Mossad & Many Other intel Organizations Will Be Enema’d From The Earth! – Must Video

West Virginia SOS Says 2020 Election Was Stolen After Reviewing Evidence

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A reference for you: Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary!

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23 May 03 – The Light is Shining in the Darkness, The Great Reveal is on!

The Storm is Upon Us – You Tube video

Situation Update, May 1, 2023 – FOURTH Bank Collapses In USA While Russia Unleashes Devastating New Attack On Ukraine! – Mike Adams

The Rabbit Hole – Ron Desantis talking in Pennsylvania

Just IN: John Kennedy Explodes At Schumer, Dems’ ‘Loon Wing’

The Gods on Reels | The Gods’ Original audio

Junior Gittens on Reels

An Address in New Hampshire that leads to the Pandora Papers

From the Great Awakening Web site. Thanks, Ellen!

THIS: Frens- My mom developed what looks like a small ball on the bottom of her eye over some months. It is partially in the waterline. She refused to go to the doctor for reasons we can all understand. The size of this ball was a bit smaller in diameter than the back of a pen, or a pencil eraser. It became reddened, and started getting painful. She decides to go see her doctor. Doctor says it’s cancer, and refers her to a specialist which she’s still waiting to see. I asked her if she would like to try Ivermectin, and MMS while she waits. (If that failed then I was going to have her try fenbendazole.) She says yes.

I saw her today and couldn’t believe my eyes. I don’t think she could either. It’s been a week and a half. The size of this mass is 1/2 what it was, no longer red or painful. This improvement was reached with (1) dose of Ivermectin according to her bodyweight, per day, and 2 drop doses of MMS 1-2x per day. She is taking it slow because I don’t think she had a lot of faith it would do anything. Because she’s taking both the Ivermectin and the MMS (internally and applied topically), I can’t say 100% it’s one over the other. But I can tell you I’ve never seen anything work so fast in my life. We don’t know what the industry standard treatment protocol is for something like this. We assumed it would be some kind of cutting or radiation which she doesn’t want.

We wanted to take before and after pictures, and we wanted to tell her doctor, but decided against it. Dr’s simply can’t be trusted anymore. I’m going to take a picture of it for our own before and after to put in our own medical reference manual. She’s going to stay on it another week, then take a week break, then start again. Her appointment is at the end of May. I told her if we continue to see improvement we can reschedule the appointment, and give this a little more time to work. If/When it goes away she’s planning on going to the dr for a follow up to see what he says. I thought you should know. (from GreatAwakening.win)

23 Apr 26 – Don’t Let Calm Fool You – The Eye Is Coming

Charlie Ward: Every Muslims are TERRORISTS

DOES THIS EXPLAIN IT?? (About Tucker Carlson)

What Happened to Tucker by Dennis Michael Lynch

Raland Brunson
4h ·
Update on Plan D:
Our brother Loy’s Petition made it to the US Supreme Court Docket! #22-1028 Yay!
We bypassed the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals using the Rule 11 (national emergency rule) and the US Supreme Court accepted it. We are now waiting for the Solicitor General to respond.

Update on Plan E:
As a result of the Court Order which was issued by my Federal Court Judge to the three Justices (that if they don’t respond to my lawsuit against them, they would be removed from office) they lawyered up, complied with the order and filed a motion asking the judge to not let my case go forward on grounds that they are just too important to be sued, that they should be immune to such things, and that (in so many words) are above the Law. Well, this gives us the opportunity to file an opposition to this motion, and oppose it we will! They are submitting to the decision of my judge, which they can appeal all the way up to the US Supreme Court! What do I say about this? Ha ha, bring it on baby!