23 Apr 26 – Don’t Let Calm Fool You – The Eye Is Coming

Charlie Ward: Every Muslims are TERRORISTS

DOES THIS EXPLAIN IT?? (About Tucker Carlson)

What Happened to Tucker by Dennis Michael Lynch

Raland Brunson
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Update on Plan D:
Our brother Loy’s Petition made it to the US Supreme Court Docket! #22-1028 Yay!
We bypassed the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals using the Rule 11 (national emergency rule) and the US Supreme Court accepted it. We are now waiting for the Solicitor General to respond.

Update on Plan E:
As a result of the Court Order which was issued by my Federal Court Judge to the three Justices (that if they don’t respond to my lawsuit against them, they would be removed from office) they lawyered up, complied with the order and filed a motion asking the judge to not let my case go forward on grounds that they are just too important to be sued, that they should be immune to such things, and that (in so many words) are above the Law. Well, this gives us the opportunity to file an opposition to this motion, and oppose it we will! They are submitting to the decision of my judge, which they can appeal all the way up to the US Supreme Court! What do I say about this? Ha ha, bring it on baby!

Thank you for the letters!
To my Judge https://www.enoughisenough.me
To Loy’s US Supreme Court https://www.brunsonbrothers.com
We want them to know that this is about We The People, and not just about us! Let them know you are alive! Thank you and God bless you!

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23 Apr 19 – The Storm Is Intensifying

G. R. Mobley and The Republic Review

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New Juan O Savin and Spaceshot76: “Let There Be Light!”

Your Guide to 5th-Generation Warfare

Raland Brunson’s statement on what he is doing on Facebook. (will require login)

SURPRISE part 2! – More details on Raland Brunson SERVICE to Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor, Kagan, and Jackson – GAME ON!

Raland Brunson Actual Complaint from 23 Mar 17

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel Admits They Paid Fauci’s NIH $400 Million in Royalties for a Product the Government Mandated

A precious 8 year old little girl was found at our Border with 67 different traces of DNA inside of her.

AMLO Tells Mexican People USA is Spying on Them and U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency is Manipulating Media

Don’t Eat or Touch “Apeel” Produce! This Applies To Organics, too

23 Apr 12 – The Storm Is Upon Us

Everyone Should Be Alarmed at Who Has Visited White House 14 Times Since Biden Took Office

How the “New California” Would Be Divided

Sheriff Deputy Refuses To Enforce Gun Law And Crowd Gives Him A Standing Ovation

Trump Fake! Charlie Ward BIG Intel 4-10-23! – Must Video

Apple Cuts Jobs, COVID Class Action Lawsuit Against Cad Gov., FedNow Implementation, Vitamin D3 Exposed

Wake Up People, They Are Coming For Us! Future weapons tech??

Please understand what NOT using cash is doing.

Cash is important. 💸

Why should we pay cash everywhere we can
with banknotes instead of a credit card? 💳

  • I have a $50 banknote in my pocket.
    Going to a restaurant and paying for dinner with it. The restaurant owner then uses the bill to pay for the laundry. The laundry owner then uses the bill to pay the barber. The barber will then use the bill for shopping.

After an unlimited number of payments, it will still remain a $50, which has fulfilled its purpose to everyone who used it for payment and the bank has jumped dry from every cash payment transaction made…

  • But if I come to a restaurant and pay digitally – Card, and bank fees for my payment transaction charged to the seller are 3%, so around $1.50 and so will the fee $1.50 for each further payment transaction or owner re laundry or payments of the owner of the laundry shop, or payments of the barber etc…..

Therefore, after 30 transactions, the initial $50 will remain only $5 😫 and the remaining $45 became the property of the bank 🏦 thanks to all digital transactions and fees.

Small businesses need your help and this is one way to help ourselves too. Pull small draws of cash out at a time and use that instead of tap, credit, etc.

When this is put into perspective, imagine what each retailer is paying on a monthly basis in fees at 3% per transaction through their POS machine.

If they have, for example, $50,000 in sales & 90% are by Card, they are paying $1500 in fees in ONE Month. $18,000 in a year! That comes out of their income every month.

That would go a long way to helping that small business provide for its family!🏦♥️”