11 May 22 – Changing Dynamic Updates

Persistent Links for Gerard & Ollie:
http://comnlaw.com Ollie’s newest site about common law
https://videosanctuary.com Ollie’s site of important videos (He’s adding videos all the time!)
https://Q17News.com Ollie’s News anyone can stream to
National Liberty Alliance NLA Co-founded by Gerard
Law Dictionaries available at NLA

4 May 22 – You can’t buy it with a barn full of gold

INTERVIEW with creators of bombshell docu-series “Propaganda Exposed”

Ann Vandersteel: Over The Target With Attorney Thomas Renz! – Steel Truth Must Video


BlackRock and Vanguard are taking over centralized food production technologies and will have near-total control over the future food supply in America

Trump tells Alex Jones : You’re Fired, Traitor!

New Freedom Force Battalion: Roe V Wade Overturned! Zechariah 9 5-3-22

WHITE HOUSE LIVE CAM – Washington D.C. | USA | earthTV

27 Apr 22 – Its Time for the Ruby Slippers: You had the power all along

Mel K & Acclaimed Journalist Benjamin Fulford On Todays Geopolitical Moves & Countermoves 4-25-22

Ep 2760b – [HRC]/[DS] Players Took The Bait, Trap Set, All The Walls Are Falling Down

Merritt Medical Hour: Dr. Lee Merritt ft. Todd Callender

Richard Citizen Journalist: Wells Fargo in Virginia. Lobby Closed.

Florida Sheriff Urges Homeowners to Shoot Invaders to ‘Save the Taxpayers Money’