23 Mar 2022 – When will we BE THERE?

16 Mar 22 – Patriots Are Now In Control

P.A.N.I.C. MODE! The Initial Strike Will Be Fast, Sudden, Swift & Soon! Patriots In Full Control!

Is the New World Order Defeated? Witnessing the Destruction of the Old Guard Cabal? Pray! – And We Know Video

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X22 Report: Ep 2726b – Did Putin Just Seize The [DS] Assets? The [DS] Treasonous Crimes Are About To Be Revealed

Biological Weapons Expert Exposed The Laboratories In Ukraine And China! They Were Run By Fauci And The Government!


The Cackle… (only 56 seconds, but worth the watch!)

9 Mar 22 – Panic! Panic! Panic! and more Panic!

The Rothschild Family Seems To Be In Panic Mode, This Is Why

Gesara – Destroying Banks & Biolabs – Zelensky Putin Trump – Biblical!

HRR: Economic sanctions to cause global CROP COLLAPSE, widespread FAMINE

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Dr. Lee Merritt: Exposing and Dissecting Ukraine Biolabs (Video)