1 Jun 22 – Benjamin Fulford Has Something to Say!

Multi-National Billion Dollar Counter-Intelligence Operation 10 TIMES More Explosive Than 2000 Mules

New Benjamin Fulford: Fake Biden Regime Collapses as Bezos Bails May 30 2022

HYPER-DRIVE MONDAY MAY 30th 2022 Ben Fulfords Weekly Report

BREAKING: Democrat Party’s Law Firm Has A Personal FBI Workspace

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25 May 22 – Distractions! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

General Flynn: Pain Coming! Durham Indictments & Convictions! Kash Patel, “It’s About to Get Fun!”

This is the Quantum Financial System Manual of GESARA-NESARA & XRP

Dr. David Martin Presents the Practical Plan to End the “Pandemic” & Great Reset Agenda!

A Border Patrol agent reportedly rushed into Uvalde school without backup to shoot and kill the gunman

Financial Changes

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18 May 22 The Hidden Things Will No Longer Be Hidden: Conspiracy No More!

Must Hear David Straight: The Awakening Starts Here!!


Situation Update: Wars & Rumors Of Wars! White Intel! Event Coming! New Hepatitis Strain Spreading! Evergrande Disaster! Starving Chinese Quarantined! Globalists Ponzi Scheme! Durham-Sussman Update! – We The People News 

Understanding NESARA and GESARA for NOVICES

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