23 Mar 15 – A Fist Full of Nothing

Credit Suisse drops nearly 20% in pre-market trading. This might be the next bank to collapse. Situation Update – Controlled Demolition Of The US In Process! More Bank Failures! FDIC Gone To 12 More Banks! QFS Incoming! Federal Reserve A Cartel! Trump Force 1 In DC!… Free Market System: It is amazing how many believe […]

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23 Mar 08 – All Hands On Deck

Ollie opens by spreading love and sharing an impactful video everyone needs to hear! Matt Karmazin highlights someone who has a good point! Take a look at the latest videos Ollie has placed on Video Sanctuary! Benjamin Fulford — March 6th 2023: Entire KM financial system about to collapse with Credit Suisse the likely first […]

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