23 May 24 – Lets Get Real

The Deep State Crash and the Money System

New Bo Polny: ‘Sudden’ Worldwide Deaths in 24-Hours! via Michael Petro

SGAnon File 51: Major False Flag Events Being Staged – Trump Conspiracy Charges Coming – WW3 Going Public – Hang On Tight

5.23.23: SAT Phones to Politicians, Internet down?, Trafficking movie, Border, WOKE, PRAY!

Signs of the times: Bright Supernova Blazes in M101, the Pinwheel Galaxy

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23 May 17 – Rotten to the Core

Just In: Rep. Jim Jordan Warns The Bidens! It’s About To Get Real! – Liberal Hivemind

EXCLUSIVE – The FBI’s ‘abuse of power’: Three whistleblowers will lay out how bureau ‘inflated domestic extremism’ stats and prioritized January 6 defendants over child predators in bombshell hearinghttps://tinyurl.com/475ywxk7

Michael Jaco & Juan O’ Savin: Military Intel – It’s About to Go LIVE, Folks!! (Video)

DavidNinoRodriguez: We have the Durham Report – A Running thread

Lawsuits fly: Hotel allegedly boots homeless vets, wedding parties to make room for migrants


CBK: Trump responds to the Durham report

IRS Makes Stunning New Move in Hunter Biden Probe: ‘Clearly Retaliatory’

A couple of new labels: Anticonsitutional and Anticonstitutionalist

23 May 10 – ByeDen’s Day Off

Scott McKay: The Situation Update Everyone Needs to Hear!!

New SGAnon File 50: Trump Conspiracy Charges Coming – CIC Trump Comms and US COG – Russian Spec_Ops – WW Ops Entering Next Phase – Sky Fall

Navy Seal Michael Jaco – CIA, MI6, Mossad & Many Other intel Organizations Will Be Enema’d From The Earth! – Must Video

West Virginia SOS Says 2020 Election Was Stolen After Reviewing Evidence

Maybe today.

A reference for you: Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary!