20 Oct 21 Show notes

Ollie’s link to Del Bigtree interviewing Jeffrey Jaxen on Video Sanctuary

Whistleblower Speaks Out! Hospitals Full with Vax Injuries!

Mondays with David Zublick Episode 2 >guest George Nasif

Is Bacterial Pneumonia From Mask Wearing More Deadly?

Trump’s Private 50,000 Man Army! Military Ready At Any Time! Trump Return November!! – We The People News

Riccardo Bosi’s Emergency Message to Humanity: War for the World

Persistent Links:

http://comnlaw.com/med.html Ollie’s newest site about common law

https://Q17News.com Ollie’s News anyone can stream to

https://videosanctuary.com Ollie’s site of important videos

National Liberty Alliance Gerard is co-founder of National Liberty Alliance

13 Oct 21 Show notes

Dr Joseph Mercola: David Martin, Ph.D., followed the paper trail left to see how we ended up in our current situation

Transcript of the above interview with David Martin, Ph.D.

Dr David Martin Gives Evidence of the “Pandemic” Being a Criminal Conspiracy To Dr Reiner Fuellmich

Dr. David Marin Is Dan Happels Guest Tuesday October 5th 2021

Two Things I learned – John Adams’ Urgency & Samuel Whittemore