22-Nov-16 Pick Up the Pieces!

    Mel K and Benjamin Fulford SGAnon

    US v Williams, 1992. This supreme court majority decision, written by Justice Antonin Scalia, brings our attention back to something we have forgotten. Especially note the highlights!

    As a matter of fact, all the cases on this page are essential knowledge for any patriot

    From Ellen:
    We want it done now….who’s going to do it?
    Gov cannot get us out of it. It’s our negligence of government that got us here. How do we rectify that? If you keep doing the same old thing, you will continue to get the same old result.

    How are we enslaved? We do not own our own homes or any other property.
    We cannot travel in our “own” cars without bleeding taxes, fees, licenses, etc. THEY have shut down almost every opportunity for success in this country. High gas prices and that gas will run out because it isn’t being produced. How will we get food to the stores? They steal our homes out from under us and this is considered lawful–Is it?

    No matter what happens in Washington, if we don’t take our towns and cities back, we will still have nothing. How do we do that? Committees of Safety (nationallibertyalliance.org) are vital and Republic Review (reclaimingtherepublic.org) MUST be initiated. THIS IS THE WAY. WE, the people, are supposed to be running everything. We are not and the worst part is that the ignorance regarding our responsibilities and duties is almost total in this country. I see few caring past what the national mess is and this is what the DS wants.

    What are the people supposed to be doing? When we reclaim the Committeeman in every county, we will the be able to thoroughly vet any potential candidates. We will not walk papers for those who know nothing about our history, our Constitution, our rightful court system and how our Republic must be run.
    The Committeeman also has the responsibility of being one of many who watch carefully each elected public servant.

    We don’t do that and haven’t done that for many years. Where has this brought us?

    Who will step in to protect our rights? Our county sheriffs. We elect these people, they answer to we, the people, unlike the police or state police–these folks do not answer to us. They also enforce regulations, ordinances, rules and so forth which do not apply to we, the people. If we don’t know these things about our county sheriffs, how can we have them work for US?

    Why is a Committee of Safety important? What is a committee of safety? This self-formed group of people come together and scrutinize their local government and provide for the necessary contingencies that threaten the safety of our neighborhoods and town.

    They’ve taken our rightful court system by hiding it and preventing us from accessing it. We know that justice is not possible in what pretends to be “lawful” courts now. Our rightful justice system is common law which is accessible to everyone and is not presided over by judges who have no place in them. If we don’t know these things, how can we object and steer things back to true lawfulness? With our regained access to OUR courts, and especially the people’s grand jury, we regain our teeth in dealing with public servants who cannot be allowed to continue to violate their oaths of office and the rights of the people.

    Government will never correct itself–at least not the corrupt government we have now. It is we, the people, who are supposed to be overseeing and setting things to right. How do we do that? NLA, RR

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