10 Aug 22 – These Are Days of Deceit

FBI raid on Trump Mar-a-Lago home leads to calls to dismantle the institution

BREAKING: Joe Biden’s FBI Apprehends GOP Rep. While Traveling with Family and Seizes His Phone — One Day After Raid on President Trump’s Home

National Liberty Alliance U.S. Supreme Court Cases (Our vote isn’t our only recourse!)

Near Death Scare Event In Progress! China Increases Military Aggression Towards Taiwan & Cuts Off US !Angry Vax Victims! MSM Vax Truth! Blackrock Cartel! White Hat Cartel! Election Could Be Delayed! – Must Video

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Gerard & Ollie had no show notes for 3 Aug 22.

27 Jul 22 – It’s show time, Put your head on a swivel!

Deep State Panic Is Real! They Are About To Play Their Hand! Decertification! Military! It’s Timeogus entry to get started

The “PIT” is putting FEAR into the ENEMY! This BATTLE is about to HEAT UP! We are READY! PRAY!

Enemies Of The State Keep Popping Into The Spotlight