10 Nov 21 Show Notes

Fundamental Ties that United America (against wokeness): How the right Can Join Forces To Defeat The Woke Ruling Class

Leftists Are Okay With Government-Sponsored Religion So Long As It Pushes COVID Vaccines

MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Rabbinical Court decrees mRNA jab “Absolutely Forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women

We Can’t Wait for Universities to Fix Themselves. So We’re Starting a New One. This is the new web page for the University of Austin! Thousands of professors have applied since yesterday’s announcement.

Ollie’s video from yesterday Nothing Fancy Just Thoughts and this is the Hour Long Version

Persistent Links for Gerard & Ollie:

http://comnlaw.com/med.html Ollie’s newest site about common law

https://Q17News.com Ollie’s News anyone can stream to

https://videosanctuary.com Ollie’s site of important videos (He’s adding videos all the time!)

National Liberty Alliance Gerard is co-founder of National Liberty Alliance

Law Dictionaries from NLA

3 Nov 21 Show Notes

Fighters Off East Coast -Monkey Werx US

Dr. Robert O. Young: New Studies Prove Graphene Oxide in all the Vaccines even the Flu Vaccines.

Stand And Fight – They’ll Never Leave You Alone if You Don’t 21-9-2021

Youngkin’s Virginia win jolts Democrats, tight race in NJ

27 Oct 21 Show notes

Dr. Ardis Interviews Dr. Richard Bartlett, MD. Incredible Interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett in Colorado Springs!

CHD to Sue FDA for ‘Recklessly Endangering’ Children if Agency Authorizes Pfizer Vaccine for Children 5 to 11 Years Old

The Doctor Ardis Radio Show Website

My Free Doctor

FLCCC Overview of MATH+, I-MASK+ and I-RECOVER Protocols

Zelenko Covid-19 Treatment Protocol

NIH Table 2e listing Ivermectin as a medicine that can be used