My Beginnings

posted by Terry Moore on January 27, 2009 at 7:50am When I was a young boy, before even Oliver & Rachel had the idea for a TJEd, I lived in Texas. We didn’t have much money. My Dad and Mom both worked to make ends meet. Many times, my brothers and I would ride in […]

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Hangar Log

In 2006 or so, I bought an ultralight.  It hadn’t flown in about ten years.  I patiently went over it and found that the engine worked and that the rest of it only needed minor maintenance. My brother had bought a private single engine plane a year or two earlier.  So we found a way […]

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Ultralights and the USofA

I love ultralights.  Mine is a little distressed currently.  But hopefully that will change in the future.  But that isn’t all.  Spending time aloft, looking closely at the landscape is only one aspect of this site.  It also applies to my activities in statesmanship. Like getting up above the ground gives you a different perspective […]

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