13 Jul 22 – Chaos & Crossroads

US Under Military Law, Congress Arrested, War With CCP Won and No One Knows It

LIVE First Images From James Webb Telescope (MORE NEW PICTURES JUST ADDED)

Aspen ESG Summit – Mindset and Metrics – The Art and Science of Driving Change

“Court Access And The Common Law”, a new book by John Darash

A Thomas Jefferson Education

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6 Jul 22 – Have We Reached Our “Midway” yet?

“The Worst Is Yet To Come” [PREPARE NOW!!!] MotivHolic interviews Jordan Peterson

Mules Tracked To NGO’s! Evidence Building! Constitutional Sheriffs Are In Position! – Catherine Engelbrecht From True The Vote! – Must Video

A look at down town LA on a Saturday evening by Richard Citizen Journalist

New Juan O Savin: We Are at War and We Have a Right to Know

The Turning Point of World War II – from Video Sanctuary code “f2” video 4

These towering, windowless, bomb-proof buildings in major US cities are reportedly part of an under-the-radar partnership between AT&T and the NSA

Recent SCOTUS Ruling Could BRING AN END to the Power of CDC, FBI, and ATF

Battle of Midway Celebration

29 Jun 22 – Different Day, Same Old Tune

Pathologist shares shocking revelations of how the FDA Pfizer vaccine trial for 6 months to 4 year old children was conducted.

SGT Report: Review Recent Supreme Court Opinions

Mel K & America’s General Michael Flynn For God & Country 6-26-22

SGT Report: Interview with Ann Vandersteel


A Thomas Jefferson Education