Please, Pollsters, quit calling me until you get it “right”

I had another pollster call me today. You could tell their thinking by the questions they asked. They were completely out of touch. Who knows what they will do with the corrupted results they get from improper questions showing a complete lack of understanding to what is currently happening.

All the questions were aligned with Democrat and Republican. Nowhere did it address anything close to what I believe. They will get the results from their questions and not understand why I answered the way I did. My real answers were all well-thought-out and I was willing to explain a few things to the poor minimum wage employee who was asking me the questions. They did not allow that. I did the best I could. But any information you glean from such a poll will have results that you cannot understand unless you clip the fringe answers like I expect you will classify me.

When are the media going to realize that it isn’t Democrat versus Republican?

In my state, about one third of the electorate is registered as Democrat. About one third is registered as Republican. About one third is classified UAF, unaffiliated. ONE-THIRD. The assumption is that only those who vote Democrat or Republican will matter. One-third of an electorate, if motivate, can determine the winner of ANY election. Trump, seemed to me, to do just that.

So guys, whoever you are, please take a minute and listen and think. ( I know how much that hurts to start thinking!)

It isn’t Republican or Democrat, it is Progressive or Conservative. There is a mixture of Progressives and Conservatives in each of the major parties. The Progressives have near major majorities in BOTH parties. That is one reason why you repeatedly hear the refrain, “No matter who is elected, regardless of party, the government still looks and acts pretty much the same, so it doesn’t matter who wins.”

Please entertain a couple of definitions:

Conservative – Someone who believes we should adhere to the tenets of the Declaration of Independence. This is NOT hard to look up. Find a copy and read the first, second, and last paragraphs to understand it. Six points will pop out:

1. All men are created equal

2. All men are endowed by their creator

3. All men have certain rights that are unchangeable and unalienable

4. Those rights come from Nature or Nature’s God

5. Governments are established to protect those rights

6. If government becomes hostile, men have the right to abolish that government and establish a government that will protect those rights that all men have

Pretty simple. Read the Declaration. Do it now! With the internet, you have no excuse not to read it now.

I won’t bother with anyone else’s definition. But I will use mine. See if it agrees with yours.

Progressive – The Constitution is a “living” document. The forefathers could not have forseen our modern technology nor all the laws we need to make society work in this day and age. Therefore, we need to change the meanings of the Constitution to adapt it to our present day situation or throw out parts of it altogether because they are irrelevant.

Where did Progressivism address the Declaration of Independence? Progressivism basically ignores the Declaration of Independence. And without addressing the Declaration of Independence one looses the reason the Constitution exists in the first place. One looses the vision as to why the Constitution was written and what the Constitution means.

These are the two ideas at battle, NOT Democrat versus Republican!

And the pollsters wonder why so many of them could not have predicted Trump would win the election.

Start NOW to educate yourselves pollsters. Or would you rather cloud the clarity of what people believe. Don’t judge us as the uneducated electorate. Realize that we are finally beginning to truly wake up and start to understand what is really going on.

Terry Moore

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