4 Aug 21 Show notes

4 Aug 21 Show notes





https://tinyurl.com/9tc8apxc – Edinburg, TX, CISD Board Meeting of 07-21-2021 Part One

https://tinyurl.com/u64kkj4d – Critically Thinking Clips – Dr. Tenpenny How Absurd is it?

https://tinyurl.com/kmsbbj3z – Crikey! Tyranny Sprang a Leak Worldwide, July 24th

https://tinyurl.com/3pd98szb – Q: next Level Truth! The Great Awakening of We the People! Sting!

https://tinyurl.com/2rp84c8j – Exposed!! There is NO Variant, Not Novel, No Pandemic, Dr. Martin…

https://tinyurl.com/cehaf9zb – HRR – Situation Update, August 3rd, 2021 – The coming Delta

https://tinyurl.com/5ac9kfdt – Emergency Broadcast CDC warns COVID vaccine causing 74% New

https://tinyurl.com/txckpzr2 – Navarro says WH Economic Policies on Road to ‘Financial Ruin’

https://tinyurl.com/j98a583c – New ShariRaye: Truthers Alert! Rockefeller Exposed!

https://tinyurl.com/2tefkjn4 – Situation Update: Donald Trump v. The Globalists!

https://tinyurl.com/yjbrx87h – Big Bomb Just Dropped by Mike Lindell!


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